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Rules & Regulations


The Tulsa Tennis Club exists for the usage and enjoyment of its members, their families and guests. The Tulsa Tennis Club has a heritage of maintaining a family atmosphere with a minimal number of rules. Following are a modest set of rules and regulations approved by the Tulsa Tennis Club Board of Directors to ensure the harmonious operation of the Club for the benefit of all. These rules are to be used as a guide and not as a substitute for sportsman-like conduct and consideration for others.


1. A member of the Tulsa Tennis Club, a member’s spouse or a member’s child under the age of 23, are privileged to bring a guest. A member’s child or children under the age of ten (10) must be accompanied by an adult member when bringing a guest. Guests must be accompanied by a member, a member’s spouse or a member’s child at all times.

2. A member’s child over the age of 22 years, or those persons in the member’s family who do not permanently reside at the home of the member (except children of divorced members), or those married sons and daughters of a member are considered guests or visitors and must be accompanied by a member when utilizing the Club facilities.

3. All guests using the tennis courts or swimming pool must be registered in the Clubhouse by the member prior to using the facilities.

4. Guest fees shall be determined by the Board of Directors on a yearly basis.

5. The member shall be responsible for the payment of all debts and liabilities that may be incurred by such guest.

6. Each member is responsible for the conduct of his family and guests. The Board of Directors shall have the power to discipline any member whose actions, or those of his family or guests, are in violation of these rules or constitutes intentional, improper or unlawful conduct and deemed by the Board of Directors offensive to the enjoyment of the rights and privileges of the Club by other members.

7. Registered guests are eligible to use the Tulsa Tennis Club tennis courts when accompanied by a member.

8. A guest is defined as a non-member of the Tulsa Tennis Club or a child of a member as described in Paragraph #2 of Guest Rules.


A. Hours

1. The clay courts will be open from 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. daily.

2. The hard courts will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.

B. Court Usage

1. Singles players shall offer to play doubles with waiting players after the completion of the set being played. If the waiting players decline to play doubles or if a waiting doubles foursome desires to remain intact, the singles players may complete two sets.

2. Players will relinquish the court to those waiting to play upon completion of two consecutive sets of singles or doubles.

3. Junior players, unless playing with a member or member’s spouse, will relinquish the court to members or member’s spouses who are waiting to play.

4. One hard court will be made available at all times for use by the Club Head Tennis Professional in conducting lessons.

5. All tennis lessons, instructions and drills shall be provided to members by the Club’s Head Tennis Professional or by his or her designated instructor. No other tennis professional may provide such lessons or other services unless specifically authorized by the Club’s Head Tennis Professional. If such approval is obtained, the other tennis professional will pay to the Club’s Head Tennis Professional the standard fee per hour for a lesson with a 1-hour minimum.

6. In applying these regulations, no distinction will be made between the hard and the clay courts, unless otherwise specified.

7. (a) Club sponsored events (e.g., Junior Clay Tournament, the Woody, Fourth of July Tennis) shall have priority over individual play and notice of such events shall be posted in the Clubhouse.

(b) Other than a priority for Club sponsored events, one clay court shall be reserved for Men’s Drill each Saturday from 10:30 a.m. until noon, and Tuesday evenings from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. During the winter, after day-light-savings time ends, one of the Tuesday drills will be on Court 3.

(c) Club sponsored events do not include: (i) lessons, camps, clinics or other similar club activities, which are addressed in paragraph 7(d); or (ii) interclub matches (such as USTA or TCT), which are addressed in paragraph 7(e) and Rule 18.

(d) Lessons, camps, clinics or similar club activity will not use more than 3 clay courts and 2 hard courts at any one time and shall be subject to the priority for a Men’s Drill on a clay court as set forth in paragraph 7(b), Club sponsored events and interclub matches. The use of the clay courts for junior camps or clinics shall be limited to times that do not interfere with the use of the clay courts by the Club members.

(e) Interclub matches (such as USTA or TCT) may use up to 5 courts at any one time. If an interclub match requires 5 courts and is in conflict with the Men’s Drill priority, then one of the interclub lines will be played on Court 2.

8. Proper tennis attire is required for play on all courts. This includes shorts, t-shirts, collared shirts, skirts, pants, hats, caps and tennis shoes. No heeled shoes, spiked or cleated shoes, running shoes, cross-training shoes, Sketchers or sandals are allowed on the tennis courts. Shirts must be worn at all times on the courts. Men’s tank tops and muscle shirts are not appropriate tennis wear.

9. Persons attired in swimming suits will not be allowed on the courts.

10. Food and smoking are not allowed on the courts.

11. All cell phones and pagers should be set to vibrate or made noiseless.

12. Pets and small children are not permitted inside the tennis court fences.

13. Spectators or persons waiting to play must stay quietly outside of the fences.

14. Bicycles, tricycles, motorbikes, skates, skateboards, shoes with heels or treads, etc. or other sharp objects, which may damage the surface of the courts, are prohibited.

15. Before leaving the courts, players should remove all tennis ball cans, towels, and other objects so that the courts will be in a clean condition for the next person.

16. The last person to leave the hard courts each evening will turn off the lights.

17. In the case of inclement weather, the Club Manager shall have the final decision as to the pay-worthiness of the clay courts.

18. Except as specifically noted in Rule 7(b) and (e), club tennis teams (such as USTA or TCT) may reserve five courts periodically for league play. All non-members playing on USTA or TCT teams of the Tulsa Tennis Club must pay a fee as set by the Board of Directors. No TTC team can be composed or more than 1/3 non-members. Members must be given preference to participate on any team on which they are qualified to play.

19. Horseplay, abuse of the facilities, disruption of the play of others, or any conduct not in keeping with these rules, are grounds for dismissal from the courts.

20. No toys of any kind are permitted on the tennis courts.

21. A set time, as established by the Club’s management, shall be established for the daily watering of the clay courts and be posted on the Club’s bulletin board. During this watering period, no tennis play shall occur on the clay courts.

C. Clay Courts (Courts 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7)

1. In the event all clay courts are occupied and a member is waiting to play, one and on-half hours of play (including waiting and/or warm up period) or the completion of two sets, whichever occurs first, is the maximum time allotted for play.

2. At least one member of a group waiting to play must be present to hold a court. A member may hold a court for a maximum time of 15 minutes while waiting for his partner or partners to arrive.


These rules are to be used as a guide and not as a substitute for appropriate conduct and consideration for others.

A. Hours

1. The pool will be open from 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. daily during the swimming season, which is normally Memorial Day through Labor Day.

B. Attire

1. Swimmers will be attired in appropriate and customary apparel worn by swimmers.

C. Use of Pool

1. No child under the age of twenty-one (21) or a member shall use the pool unless a duly certified and registered lifeguard is on duty at the pool. Adults (21 and over) may swim at their own risk and responsibility.

2. Children must be accompanied by their parent or an adult.

3. All swimmers shall shower their entire body prior to entering the pool.

4. Every guest must be signed in with the lifeguard on duty who will record your guest and see that the guest charge is billed to the member’s account.

5. Members’ children over the age of twenty-two (22) are to be considered a “guest” at the Tulsa Tennis Club.

6. Smoking, food, drinks, glassware, and shoes are prohibited in the wet walk area around the pool.

7. Face masks and goggles shall be of plastic or other shatterproof material.

8. Towels and concessions are available through the west and north windows of the clubhouse.

9. Large toys, such as tricycles, are not permitted inside the clubhouse area and swimming pool area.

10. No wet bathing suits shall be worn in the clubhouse.

11. Shoes, bathing suits, racquets, bags and towels should be stored in the locker rooms and not left in the clubhouse or on the premises unattended.

12. No ice chests are allowed in the pool area.

D. Use of Bathroom Facilities

1. Boys’ and girls’ restrooms are located by the pool (west side) for the convenience of the children.

E. Conduct

1. Lifeguards shall be in complete charge of the pool and are authorized and empowered to regulate the conduct of swimmers at all times.

2. Shoving or pushing swimmers in the pool and wrestling or running about the pool deck are prohibited.

3. Horseplay, abuse of the facilities, disruption of the play of others, or any conduct not in keeping with these rules, are grounds for dismissal from the pool.


The deck may be reserved for a fee for a Member’s private party. Such reservations must be coordinated through the Club secretary.


A. Honor System

1. It is each member’s responsibility to fill out a charge slip for all food, beverages and other items in the Clubhouse as purchased. A billing statement will be rendered to the member the following month.


A. Responsibility

1. Each member shall be responsible for compliance with and assistance in the enforcement of these rules. When an infraction is observed, a member should take appropriate action to correct the situation. If the Tulsa Tennis Club office is open, personnel on duty should be notified. If the office is closed, members are expected to enforce the rules themselves or contact either the Club manager, or any member of the Tulsa Tennis Club Board of Directors if they need assistance.

2. Tulsa Tennis Club personnel are in charge of the tennis courts and facilities at all times and their direction and these rules must be obeyed. The Tulsa Tennis Club Board of Directors, by a majority vote, may suspend any person(s) who violates these rules from the premises of the Tulsa Tennis Club for indefinite periods or may expel such person from membership in the Tulsa Tennis Club.


1. The Tulsa Tennis Club is not a day care or baby sitting facility. The staff is not certified, and the Club is not licensed, for child care or baby sitting.

2. The Clubhouse will be open from 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. daily.

3. Smoking in the Clubhouse and other Club facilities is prohibited.

4. The Club assumes no responsibility for articles left in the Clubhouse or on the Club’s premises.

5. Members’ accounts must be current in order to use the facilities and receive the privileges offered by the Tulsa Tennis Club.

6. It is the policy of the Tulsa Tennis Club not to employ, either on a part or full time basis, a child or step-child of a member or a member’s spouse.

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